On set / Warfare & Art in the Renaissance

Modio Media Crew with Antonio Tosini

Warfare & Art in the Renaissance

Museum Treasures on U.S. Tour

Warfare & Art in the Renaissance

Museum Treasures on U.S. Tour

In spring 2022, the AFC contacted us about creating a series of short films for the Museo di Capodimonte as part of the 2024/25 U.S. touring exhibition comprising selected armor and firearms from the Farnese collection and the majestic Battle of Pavia tapestries. The unprecedented exhibition commemorating the battle’s 500th anniversary is just one of the countless initiatives spearheaded by Director Emeritus Sylvain Bellenger.

Modio Media kicked off principal photography in August 2022 and delivered the final films in April 2024. We interviewed Sylvain Bellenger, a number of Capidomonte’s staff, including Carmine Romano, Sara Vitulli, and Antonio Tosini; Siena-based textile conservator Graziella Palei; Cecilia Paredes from Brussels University; and Thomas Campbell, Director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and an authority on Renaissance tapestry. Together, their voices tell a historically complex story of chivalry and heroism, long before the idea of “Europe” came into being. Click on image above to watch the teaser.

The first in the trilogy, The Battle of Pavia: The Beginning of Modern Europe, traces the battle's history and how warfare evolved over time. The second, Battle of Pavia Tapestries: A Masterpiece of Messaging looks at tapestry production in Brussels in the early 16th century and features a segment with Campbell on how to interpret a tapestry. The third and final film Armor, Dress & Heroes spotlights selected armor and how costumery and historical figures are represented in the tapestries. When viewed back-to-back, the three films create a nuanced portrait intended to entertain and educate audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

As filmmakers, it was an absolute pleasure to film surrounded by great works of art and the professionals who care for these treasures. We're most grateful to the AFC Board and AFC Postdoctoral Fellows Caroline Paganussi and Emma C. de Jong as well as The Museum Box. And, lastly, to our fantastic DoP Matteo Castelli for his beautiful camerawork. The exhibition is organized by the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte and The Museum Box in collaboration with the Kimbell Art Museum (June 16t - September 15th 2024), Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (October 19, 2024 – January 12, 2025, and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (dates TBD).

Click on the two knights to see the first trailer we made in 2022. We've come a long way!

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