On set / Ice is Melting

Evento Montevarchi Arte 2011

Ice is Melting

Palazzo Mari, Montevarchi

Ice is Melting

Palazzo Mari, Montevarchi

When local arts association asked us create a video for its inaugural exhibition in our city's historic center, we leaped at the chance. And so one Saturday morning, we hosted a pop-up show in the vaulted entryway of Palazzo Mari that we've called home for many years.

With its symmetrical facade with few decorative elements (except for the massive coat of arms smack dab in the middle) the massive structure is one of Montevarchi's important historic palaces, once a single family home in the18th century. A long line of people had already formed outside including a number of locals curious to see what lurked behind our building's weather-worn facade. Bologna-based artist David Casini offered up an intriguing ice sculpture in the form of a crystle melted over the course of the event, the very definition of self-destructing art. Our short video was deceptively simple. Various locals simply gazing into our camera which we then projected from the grand stairway leading to our apartment. Legendary local DJ Rollo spinned great tunes. As we closed the heavy wooden doors after the last guests, as a note of finality, a large puddle had formed at the base of the scultpure's pedestal. We often wonder where the smiling gentleman with the jaunty panama hat is now.

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