On set / Pour. Observe. Smell. Taste

Veneto: Corvina grape varietal

Pour. Observe. Smell. Taste

Veneto's Wines

Pour. Observe. Smell. Taste

Veneto's Wines

Thrilling and exuberant, the world of wine. Lushly tended vineyards on steep hillsides. The enveloping aromas of a centuries-old wine cellar--the regional wines that accentuate local cuisine. Just in time for the harvest, Modio Media headed to the stunning Veneto region to film a series of videos focusing on family-run wineries for U.S. importer and distributor Winebow.

Modio Media Crew with Fabio and Filippo Zardetto

Accompanied by incredibly affable Brad Mayer, Director of Marketing at Winebow, first stop on our enological journey was Allegrini Winery located in the heart of the renowned Valpolicella area. We spent three unforgettable days with the fabulous Marilisa Allegrini, 7th generation of winemakers in her family. A global ambassador for Veneto's wines, we filmed Marilisa at the family’s sprawling 16th century Villa della Torre and toured their extensive vineyards with her brother Franco who carries on the innovative traditions of their father Giovanni. In nearby Verona, we raised a glass (or two) with Silvia Allegrini--the 8th generation in the family biz--who deftly oversees marketing for the winery. In the Codegliano-Valdobbiadine area north of Venice, father-and-son team Fabio and Filippo Zardetto produce a s crisp, fruity, and beautifully refreshing Prosecco made from golden Glera grapes. The winery has streamlined the Prosecco-making process, working diligently to safeguard the Prosecco name and the territory. Near Lake Garda, we spent a few days wityh Nadia and Alberto Zenato of Zenato Winery founded by their parents, Sergio and Carla in 1960 who were considered pioneers. They produce an intensely flavored Amarone made from indigenous grapes grown in their Sant’Ambrogio vineyards with stunning views of Valpolicella's hills and distant Lake Garda. On this trip, we also shot a promo for Allegrini’s Corte Giara label, which produces fruit-forward, modern everyday wines--whites and reds--in an international style at accessible prices. An unforgettable trip of incredible wines, superb cuisine and truly gracious clients dedicated to their region's great wine-making story.

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