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Fresh olives and hands

Rouses Supermarkets

Sicilian EVOO

Rouses Supermarkets

Sicilian EVOO

Americans love to connect with their roots. Especially Italian roots mostly retained through, what else? Food and regional cooking styles. We followed the young CEO (and of Sardinian heritage on his father's side) of a popular family-owned chain of gourmet supermarkets located in the the Deep South to Sicily to source extra virgin olive oil, one of Sicily's most prized ingredients dating back to Magna Graecia. Filming during the annual harvest in autumn is experiencing Sicily at its best. Plump, glistening olives plucked from bursting trees. Terraced hillsides as far as the eye can see. Warm sun and shimmering sea: the island's bounty and beauty at their best.

Client: BONO U.S.A.

Video short: how to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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