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Alison Tudor-Ackroyd and Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli

King of Cashmere

Brunello Cucinelli

King of Cashmere

Umbrian-born Cucinelli acquired that lofty moniker with good reason. Quite simply, he's the global ambassador for this precious wool, soft and luxurious next to the skin. Way back when the lira was still the Italian currency, Cucinelli started his business with a modest investment, over time expanding into the global luxury brand it is today. On track to hit $1 billion in sales in 2023, the company's still very much a family affair. In this candid interview with Alison Tudor-Akcroyd, editor-in-chief Alibaba's news hub, the philosophical Cucinelli discusses his company's no-logo approach, young Chinese consumers’ changing values, and his deep attachment to his home region. Kudos to our global creative team for making Alizila's Top 10 Stories for 2022.

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