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The Arab Americans

Facing prejudice head-on

The Arab Americans

Facing prejudice head-on

In Arabic musafaha roughly means word of mouth. That’s exactly how we came to work on this award-winning feature documentary, an unprecedented look at Arab migration to the United States from across the Middle East and North Africa. Spanning many experiences and perspectives, this program takes a deep dive into a multi-faceted community that endured stigmatization and prejudice while pursuing the American dream. “We were bequeathed the wisdom of the ages,” political activist Ralph Nader says about growing up with first-generation Lebanese parents, one of many famous Arab Americans who share their stories.  With scores of us tracing their roots to outside the U.S., that's a line we can all relate to. We’re especially proud to have been the conduit that brought this to a national public television audience through our relationship with PBS Chicago.

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