Factual / 30.000 Miglia al Traguardo

30000 Miglia al Traguardo

30.000 Miglia al Traguardo

High seas adventure

30.000 Miglia al Traguardo

High seas adventure

In 2017, an acquaintance in town called and told us he was set to compete in an extreme challenge. Could we film an interview for him, he asked? Created in 1968, the Golden Globe Race 2018 is a solo yacht race around the globe with no stops, no outside assistance, no technology.  We'd never done any sports content before and leapt at the chance. As the only Italian to compete, Francesco Cappelletti was thrown into the spotlight meeting one obstacle after the next to get to the start line. Though the film’s release was delayed because pandemic, we received great reviews, screened in select Italian theaters in major cities and in unique venues such as Venice's Barch-In, similar to a drive-in theater only with boats. The cherry on top was taking home top prize for Best Documentary at the Caorle Film Festival. For Prime Video subscribers in the U.S. and U.K, the English language title is 30.000 Miles to the Finish.

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