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Inside one of the gates of the MOSE in Venice

Project Impossible


Project Impossible


The rebranded Modern Marvels series profiling extraordinary feats of engineering around the globe. Hired by executive producers Radiant Features out of Los Angeles, our crew of three filmed, field produced and directed story segments that aired across the series, logging thousands of kilometers by car between destinations — from a steel manufacturer in Split, Croatia tasked with building 78 massive flap gates for the MOSE barrier system that protects Venice from flooding, to one of Siemens' factories in Northern Denmark to follow the process of building 63-meter long custom turbine blades for the 600 Megawatt Gemini Wind Park, one of the largest on the planet, situated in the perilous North Sea. Stand-out moments include watching how high a computer-generated wave tsunami wave could go to eating lunch in a barren employee cafeteria harkening back to another era.

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